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The Locate Talent Portal is an online networking site which can help you connect with Isle of Man employers who are interested in your skills.

A portal full of talent awaits!

The Locate Talent Bank has been developed to help people looking to relocate to the Isle of Man find employment opportunities as easily as possible.

As someone looking to relocate to the Island, you can search for Companies and Recruitment Agencies based on the Island who are looking for new talent.

As a company or a recruitment agency, you can setup alerts to match to candidates when they look for work on the Island, matched against the exact skills you are looking for.

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The place to start your new journey

We aim to make it as easy as possible to connect candidates looking to relocate to the Isle of Man with Companies and Agencies who can provide the new opportunities they are looking for. The core idea is to facilitate people looking to relocate to the Isle of Man discover which companies and agencies are here and what opportunities await them. Start your journey today, sign up for a free account and discover the opportunities the Isle of Man has to offer.

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Candidate Profile

Shortlist your opportunities

You will be able to 'star' candidates or companies while you search to build up a shortlist and then contact them directly to learn what opportunities are available. Its easy to get started, create your account and build up your profile, before starting your search.

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Automatic Matching

When you've added your list of job skills to your profile, the talent bank automatically matches you to companies and agencies looking for those same skills.

Companies and Agencies will be automatically matched to your skills and receive alerts so they can contact you directly with potential opportunities.

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Start the conversation in real-time

Our instant messaging feature allows you to start the conversation immediately to engage instantly with potential talent. Your privacy is our priority, so you can control how much or little exposure you have. You can make your profile private and search for opportunities yourself, or allow direct contact from interested parties looking for your skills. Sign up today for a free account to discover the opportunities on offer.

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